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Theodore Landscheidt Sherman McClellan R.E. McMaster Richard Mogey Richard Mueller Mike Niemera
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Martin Armstrong
Martin Armstrong was chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. As a teenager, he worked at a rare stamp & coin dealership and become a millionaire at age 15, then opened his own store at age 21. After studying historical gold prices, he developed a cyclical theory of commodity prices and began the Economic Consultants of Princeton company. He contributed heavily to academic journals and became a widely sought adviser on finance. As an investor, he laid claim to calling the high-water marks months in advance with his market timing approach, such as the Nikkei of 1989 and the 1998 high in the US equities market.

Jim Berkland
Jim Berkland worked for six years with the U.S Geological Survey and obtained a Masters degree in Geology at San Jose State U. in 1964. He worked as an Engineering Geologist for the Dept. of the Interior (1964-1974) and has published more than 50 scientific papers. The first County Geologist for Santa Clara County, CA was Berkland (1973-1994) and he developed uncanny & legendary success in predicting earthquakes with 75% accuracy. Some 80 Who's Who? publications acknowledge him, including Who's Who in America. He has appeared on numerous many national TV & radio shows and was featured on the Farmer's Almanac. Excerpts from

Jake Bernstein
Jake Bernstein is an internationally recognized futures analyst and trader, he has authored more than 41 books and research studies on futures trading, stock trading, trader psychology & economic forecasting and he is publisher of the Jake Bernstein's Weekly Futures Trading Letter which has been in continuous publication since 1972. He has been a guest on numerous business radio & television shows including Wall Street Week, CNBC, JagFN.TV & and he has lectured extensively in the US, Canada, Europe & Asia. He is a consultant to investors, traders, industry, fin. institutions, brokerage firms & commercial firms. Excerpts from

Walter Bressert
Walter Bressert studied market timing directly from Jim Hurst, developed the Bressert Method of Cycle Analysis, and improved Oscillator / Cycle Combinations. In 1974, he published HAL Commodity Cycles then began teaching trading cycles workshops in 1976. In 1979 he and Tim Slater built CompuTrac, the first computerized market analysis program. for the public. Hepub. the books, The Power of Oscillator/Cycle Combinations (1991) and the CycleWatch newsletter (1991-95). In 1994, he developed award-winning software that led to his ProfitTrader software. Bressert was Director & Pres. of the Foundation. Excerpts fr.

Rhodes Fairbridge
Rhodes Fairbridge
(1914 Aus. - 2006) graduated from Queen's U. in Ontario, received a master's degree from Oxford, and, earned a doctorate in geology from U. of Western Australia in 1941. He taught at Columbia U. (1955-1982) and was supervising editor for the Encyc. of Earth Sciences. In the early 1960s a record of sea level changes in the last 10,000 years known as the Fairbridge Curve and he revealed how the solar system regulates our climate. Books by Fairbridge: Dating The Latest Movements Of The Quaternary Sea, Eustatic Changes In Sea Level, and he was the ed. for The Ency. of Atmos. Sciences & Astrogeology.
 Charles Kirkpatrick
Charles Kirkpatrick has 42 years in the investment field, he has been featured on Wall $treet Week, CNBC, the magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, he has been quoted the Wall St. Journal, Businessweek, Forbes, Futures Magazine, Money Magazine and the New York Times, and he has written for Barron's and the Journal of Technical Analysis. He is the only person to win the annual Charles H. Dow Award twice, for articles on technical analysis in 1993 & 2001. In 2008, he won the MTA Annual Award "for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Technical Analysis." Excerpts from:

Theo. Landscheidt
Theodore Landscheidt (1927-2004) was an author, astrologer and amateur climatologist. In 1989, he forecast a period of sunspot minima after 1990 with increased cold, followed by a stronger minima and more intense cold to peak in 2030, described as the "Landscheidt Minimum." His work on solar cycles suggests that global warming is not anthropogenic and will be reversed based on fluctuations in climate influences from solar activity. In 1983 he founded and financed the Schroeter Institute for Research in Cycles of Solar Activity in Germany (which later moved with him to Nova Scotia). He authored two books: Cosmic cybernetics..., and, Sun, Earth, Man.... Excerpts from

Oscillator Workshop
Sherman McClellan went beyond the degree he earned in business administration & economics as he and his wife developed the McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index in 1969 which is now used by many traders, investors, and software developers. The Oscillator is derived from the no, of daily advances & declines on the NYSE. Mr. McClellan announced these indicators on Charting The Market, a tech. analysis TV program on KWHY, Los Angeles, and public interest grew. They were invited by the late Mr. P. N. Haurlan, pub. of the Trade Levels Report newsletter, to publish a book on their research and Patterns For Profit was born. Excerpts fr.

R.E. McMaster
R.E. McMaster wrote & edited The Reaper newsletter for more than 20 years, he was E.F. Hutton's top money manager for 3 years, and he counseled clients across 40 countries. McMaster was a USAF instructor pilot who taught at the USAF Academy and he took part in war games at NORAD HQ. The US Library of Congress think tank on economic and military matters included him among its 80 selected men, and he became the "Indiana Jones" for 3rd World economics for his 1983 work in Guatemala. McMaster found links between government, religion, economics, science and psychology in the global arena. He is the author of 13 books, five on investing, two of poetry. Experts fr.

Richard Mogey
Richard Mogey is a direct heir to the philosophy of Edward R. Dewey Who started the Foundation. He is Research Director, Exec. Director, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Economist for the Foundation (1988-97), Chief Voluntary Officer and Research Director for the Foundation (current), creator and co-author of two magazines for investors: Business and Investment & Cycles Projections, and Chief Economist of the Iris Financial Group in Portland, OR. He is a lecturer at: U. of VA, Temple U.'s Business Schools and The Russian Academy of Sciences, and holds a degree in Phil. and Classics, Magna cum Laude, from the U. of CA at Irvine.

Richard Mueller
Dr. Richard A. Mueller graduated from Catholic U. with a PhD in Physics and a minor in Mathematics and has worked in private industry on mathematical modeling, pattern recognition, and signal and system analyses, to apply these methodologies to signals in the seismic, acoustic, radar, and laser domains. He also worked with the Air Force in radar return pattern recognition to identify objects. Dr. Mueller has also applied the techniques of signal analysis and pattern recognition to stock market activity, exploring in depth the cyclic activity in the stock market and was the publisher of "Mueller Market Cycles." Excerpts from

Michael P. Niemera
Mike Niemera is the Chief Economist and Dir. of Research for the ICSC. He was VP & Sen. Economist for the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd. (BTM) in NY and has worked for PaineWebber, Chem. Bank and Merrill Lynch. He was an adjunct instructor at NYU's Stern Grad. Sch. of Bus. and at the NY Inst. of Fin. He produces two ICSC periodical, has co-authored two books, and contributed to many publications. He is on advisory panels for the Conf. Board and the Inst. for Supply Mgmnt. He received the A.G. Abramson award from the NABE and was awarded honorary faculty membership by St. John’s U. chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon. Excerpt fr.

James Roemer
James Roemer obtained a degree in Meteorology and honors from Lyndon State College, VT, and his teacher was responsible for starting The Weather Channel. He lectures to universities on climatology, teaches meteorology, and advises several energy and futures trading funds with recommendations on how ski areas may economically prepare for weather changes. He was a consultant and TV/radio meteorologist for WIBW, he managed outside commodity funds and published the Trade Winds newsletter, lectured at Universities, worked at the WeatherRisk Inst. Excerpts from

Gertrude Shirk
Gertrude Shirk directed the Foundation's research from 1951 until her retirement in 1987 and remained vice-president of the Board of Directors until her death in 1994. She, with Edward R. Dewey as one of the greatest cycle analysts who ever lived. She graduated from the U. of Pittsburgh in economics, statistics & business, then joined Westinghouse Electric's Economic & Statistical Research Dept. where she prepared forecasts, then worked for the Ford Motor Company as an analyst. After meeting Dewey in 1951 she joined the Foundation and became editor of Cycles Magazine and even served as interim Executive Director. Excerpts fr. Cycles Magazine.

Jim Tillman
Jim Tillman is the creator and publisher of the Cycletrend newsletter (since 1971), and he has been quoted various periodicals such as: USA Today, The Wall St. Transcript, Financial Magazines, The Cycles Foundation, and Regional newspapers on market outlook. He worked as a broker for Courts & Co. in Atlanta GA in the early '60s and became vice president of Interstate Securities in Charlotte, NC in 1970. Appearances on broadcasts include the original Financial News Network (FNN) and he has spoken for various organizations including Computrac, the MTA (Market Technicians Association). Excerpts from &

Lt. Commander
David Williams
Lt. Cmdr. David Williams Was born in Leeds, England, was educated as an electrical engineer, and served the Consolidated Edison Co. of New York for 43 years. He served as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy during WWII, then went on to lecture and write extensively on astrology, business and stock market cycles, comparative religion and mass psychology. Books by Williams include Simplified Astronomy for Astrologers, Astro-Economics, and, Business Cycle Forecasting. Williams served as Director of the Foundation, Pres. of the Astrologers Guild of Am., and, president of the Am. Fed. of Astrologers. Excepts fr. the book "Financial Astrology."

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